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Microfat Injection


Restoring volume in the face or areas of the body such as breast or buttock has become one of the hottest new developments in plastic surgery. It has long been known that a chubbier face has a more youthful look. Think of your friends who have lost weight - their bodies look terrific but their faces look older. We now have a technique that directly addresses this problem.

Surgical Technique

Microfat injection involves taking fat from tummy or hips, concentrating it in a sterile centrifuge, and injecting it into areas of hollowness. The cheeks and lips are two of the most common areas of the face that can become thinned and hollow. Enhancing the volume of these areas gives a younger, smoother look which appears totally natural.

I have been using modern fat injection techniques for over 10 years and have found that the results are very long lasting. The idea that the injected fat eventually disappears can be true if the surgeon uses methods which are too harsh or which use fat which has been stored under refrigeration. When fat is properly transferred, it is the ideal filler - soft, natural, long lasting, and has a zero risk of allergic reaction!

Other body areas can be treated as well as the face. Depressed scars, flat buttocks or irregularities from injuries can often be significantly improved. I believe that as people become more aware of microfat injection, it will become one of the most popular plastic surgical techniques.

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