Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation

Two of my most commonly requested procedures are breast augmentation and breast lift (or mastopexy) surgery.

I have found that patients often have a difficult time determining on their own what type of surgery they might need. Internet research is helpful, as is discussion with friends, but the final decisions should really wait until a proper surgical consultation. When I meet patients for the first time, we discuss their goals and determine what kind of change would be most appropriate for their body type.

I suggest that after scheduling the initial consultation, think about the following questions. Your answers to some of these questions will help guide us to the most appropriate surgical plan.

  • How much of a size change would you like for your breasts?
  • Is the feel or firmness of your breasts pleasing?
  • Would you like a perkier look?
  • Is the symmetry between left and right sides a problem?
  • Is the position of your nipples ideal?
  • Do you want more cleavage?
  • What size bra would you like to wear?

When should I choose breast augmentation?

A breast augmentation procedure is designed to:

  • Increase the size of the breasts by restoring volume loss due to weight change, pregnancy, or genetics
  • Correct the proportions of breasts that are asymmetrical (of unequal shape or size)

If the problem with breast shape is mostly a lack of volume, then breast enlargement surgery is the most appropriate procedure. By placing an implant to increase overall breast volume, a fuller, firmer shape can be achieved.

When should I choose a breast lift?

A breast lift or mastopexy - which is a different procedure than an augmentation or enlargement - raises drooping breasts and returns them to a more youthful, perkier position. It is an effective procedure for women who want to reduce sagging caused by pregnancy, gravity, or aging.

A breast lift is most effective for women whose main concern is a droopy shape but the position of their nipples is also an important factor as to whether or not a breast lift is needed. If the nipple is below the inframammary fold (the fold beneath the breast) or if the nipple is pointed downward, a breast lift is the most efficient way to achieve a perkier look. Nipple position as well as overall breast shape is part of the evaluation process during the initial breast surgery consultation at my Toronto clinic.

Breast lift with breast augmentation

In some cases, a breast lift in conjunction with breast augmentation may be needed to provide the best result. Women who have lost volume but also have a significant overhang causing a droopy look need to restore volume with an implant and also tighten the shape to create a perkier shape. An implant alone would only create a larger droopy shape. A breast lift without an implant would result in a nice shape but disproportionately small size. These procedures complement each other and for the right patient give the best final result.

Dr. Carman welcomes any questions you may have about this procedure. For more information about what it could do for you, call (416) 322-7108 or request a private consultation.