Breast Augmentation Financing Options

Many of my patients who are interested in having breast augmentation surgery, but feel that the cost of plastic surgery is an obstacle, choose to finance their operation through a patient financing company.

Patient financing companies have been around for a long time and have become increasingly popular for financing cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation. Patient financing companies work with each patient's personal budget to determine a reasonable monthly payment.

These companies offer a wide variety of provisions to fit individual patient's needs including secured and unsecured loans, low monthly payments, open or fixed term loans, and competitive rates. The application and approval process is quick and efficient. Applications can be electronically submitted and approved in a day or two. Once patients are approved, most patient financing companies pay the physician directly. There are several patient financing companies that offer loans to patients for cosmetic surgery procedures allowing patients to compare competitive rates and terms.

While taking out a loan may not be everyone's first choice to finance a breast augmentation procedure, many patients choose this option in order to gain their desired shape sooner rather than later. Timing is an important factor in planning surgery. Financing can provide the opportunity to achieve the desired goal when the time is right.

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