Post-Pregnancy Breast Augmentation

Many new mothers consider breast augmentation surgery after pregnancy. Most women find that after the extra pregnancy weight is dropped, their breasts are smaller than they were before. If you are feeling less than terrific about the appearance of your breasts after you've given birth, consider a breast enlargement procedure to restore your pre-pregnancy figure. After all, you still have the right to look good after you have a baby.

Patients receiving post-pregnancy breast implants report a significant boost in their self-esteem. When a woman becomes pregnant, she will naturally gain extra weight, and it is inevitable that the breasts will temporarily become larger due to the effects of pregnancy. Sagginess and shrinking breast volume is commonly noticed after pregnancy and especially after breast feeding.

Sometimes, if loss of shape and size is significant, surgical breast enhancement may be combined with a breast lift procedure to both help regain the lost volume and also give the necessary lift at the same time.. There are many possibilities for improving breast shape after pregnancy. An individual assessment is always an important part of the surgical planning process.

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