Breast Augmentation Post-Operative Care

Healing time following surgery can vary from patient to patient. At the Cosmetic Surgery Institute I ensure that my patients experience a comfortable recovery thanks to our specialized Post-Op Care protocol.

After surgery, patients are moved to the recovery room where they recover from anaesthesia. Most patients are likely to feel some pain and discomfort following their operation, but this will be well controlled by pain medications. Antibiotics are given to help prevent infection. Our nurses are highly specialized in the care of our post-operative patients and make sure that your surgery a positive experience.

The Cosmetic Surgery Institute is the only facility in the Greater Toronto Area that routinely keeps all breast implant patients overnight post-operatively. A private nurse attends to the needs of each patient making the early recovery period smooth and worry-free. It is my belief that having optimal care in the period immediately after surgery results in better outcomes and faster healing.

Following their overnight stay, I always see my patients in the morning to check on them before they go home and review their instructions. Patients are advised to take a week off after surgery to allow for adequate healing time and a quicker recovery. Antibiotics are prescribed for use at home during the first week to minimize risk of infection. Generally my patients are able to return to light physical activity after one week, and full activity including exercise after three weeks.

Dr. Carman welcomes any questions you may have about this procedure. For more information about what it could do for you, call (416) 322-7108 or request a private consultation.