Silicone Breast Implants

Every year, thousands of women from different walks of life undergo breast augmentation for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. Some of them will have questions regarding the safety of silicone breast implants. It is important to note that silicone implants have been used in cosmetic breast surgery - and other surgical procedures - for decades and studies have shown them to be safe under the care of a qualified plastic surgeon.

This statement is backed up by scientific studies conducted by silicone implant manufacturers - and verified by the FDA - in which the safety and effectiveness of silicone devices used in breast augmentation is supported. In January of 2006 Health Canada published a report by an expert advisory panel to provide guidance and observe advances in breast augmentation surgery. The primary job of this panel is protecting patients. This panel is also responsible for providing medical advice on the safety and effectiveness of silicone breast implants used in breast surgery.

Industry professionals and health care experts are cooperating in this way in order to ensure that silicone breast implants are safe and effective for use in surgeries.

Having performed the breast enlargement procedure for over 20 years, Dr. Carman is highly experienced in selecting breast implants that are appropriate for each individual patient's body type. Click here to see before-and-after photos of Dr. Carman's own patients.

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