An Honest Look at Breast Augmentation in Toronto | Dr. Wayne Carman

An Honest Look at Breast Augmentation in Toronto

When we were kids, our parents and teachers drilled it into us: Honesty is the best policy. That still applies today, especially when deciding on breast augmentation or other plastic surgery. It means being honest with yourself on what you’re hoping to achieve and being honest with your doctor about what you want.

For my part, I will be honest with you about what you can expect from my practice. Not every patient will be the ideal candidate for a preferred breast augmentation technique—an underarm incision vs. an areola incision, for instance—but every patient deserves the best results possible. People who come to me can trust that I’m working with their end goals in mind.

Each patient comes to my practice from a different place: physically, emotionally, and even geographically. While Toronto is my home base, my breast augmentation patients come from all over—I’d like to think that it’s because of my reputation in putting professionalism at the forefront of our conversations.

At the consultation visit, we’ll discuss risks, we’ll discuss pain, and we’ll discuss recovery times, scarring, and costs.

But beyond that, we’ll discuss you.

Let’s be honest: Your body is the only body you have, and changes you make to it matter in big ways. You’ll be living with them, so there’s no sense in pretending that this is a small decision. You should be coming into breast augmentation—or any surgery or procedure—armed with the knowledge necessary for you to make informed decisions.

I have been in private clinical practice for more than two decades and in that time, I’ve learned that an individualized approach is best. It’s why I make time for personal consults with each patient, during which I aim to honestly answer any and every question, concern, and worry that comes up.

Our parents and teachers were right. Honesty is the best policy.