Liposuction is for more than tummies | Dr. Wayne Carman

Liposuction is for more than tummies

As a method of fat-removal, liposuction is typically associated with the abdominal area—and for good reason. The procedure is great for removing fat that clings to the belly and creates a bulge that won’t go away despite exercise and the best dieting efforts. While it isn’t really a weight-loss procedure, liposuction is very effective when it comes to helping patients slim down once they’re relatively close to an ideal healthy weight.

The contouring effect of liposuction is not limited to the tummy. It has a much wider application. Fat obviously does not accumulate only at a person’s midsection. The unwanted chubbiness can accumulate in many areas of the body and face, which is why I offer a wide range of liposuction options at my Toronto clinic.

A common request for liposuction is to treat the face and neck. Specifically, this procedure focuses upon the lower half of the face and the upper neck to address jowls and the dreaded double chin. Since fat removal allows pliant skin to more readily conform to underlying contours, the results of facial liposuction are quite noticeable—even dramatic.

Another targeted technique that is becoming increasingly popular is liposuction breast reduction. Overly large breasts can pull down on a woman’s shoulders, causing upper back, shoulder, and neck pain. In this case, liposuction is employed to  relieve physical discomfort as well as to provide aesthetic benefit.

More proportionate breasts are now in balance with the rest of the body. After liposuction, women find that they fit into a wider range of clothing styles that formerly stretched and bunched in all the wrong places. Physical activities are easier, and best of all, scarring from the procedure is virtually invisible.

Most areas of the torso can be treated with liposuction. Areas of excess fat can be contoured to give the body a more streamlined look. I am able to use the procedure to remove fat from thighs, buttocks, hips, upper arms, and lower legs. As long as skin quality is good, liposuction can be a very versatile means of improving body shape.

I emphasize a personal approach to cosmetic surgery, so that each patient who visits me can expect an individual assessment and a uniquely tailored treatment plan. Liposuction is one of many techniques that can potentially be utilized to achieve a patient’s goals.

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