A Natural-Looking Face Lift—the Ultimate Goal | Dr. Wayne Carman

A Natural-Looking Face Lift—the Ultimate Goal

Did she? Didn’t she?

Celebrity-centric headlines around the world love to focus upon speculation. We’re always wondering whether one star or another has received a face lift or other plastic surgery treatment.

The plastic surgeons behind these subtly successful procedures should be proud. After all, the goal of a face lift is not to make a patient appear stretched and unnatural or make glaringly obvious changes that look strange. Rather, the goal is to assess an individual’s unique facial structure and anatomy and then tailor a procedure to create natural-looking results. Friends and family will certainly notice a change. They will see improvement—but they are not quite sure why.

Surgery results can be subtle or dramatic, but they should never look “fake.”

An individualized care plan is of tremendous importance. Your face belongs to you and no one else. Think about how you want your face to appear to the world. It is a decision for you to make; it is best made with guidance from an experienced and certified professional, but it is still your decision.

That’s why I personally consult with every patient who comes to my private clinic, the Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Toronto. The key to successful planning is communication and in the openness and honesty that we share as we build rapport and trust. The better I know you—from the reasons behind your plastic surgery decision to your underlying facial structure—the better we can work together to select the plan of action that offers the most rewards with the least amount of risk.

When it comes to a face lift, it is important to understand that the procedure focuses upon three specific areas: the cheeks, the jawline, and the neck. Through a combination of incisions, excess skin is removed, muscles tightened, and fat recontoured, leaving the lower face looking more youthful and snug.

But the changes don’t have to stop there. A newly lifted face may look naturally improved, but the streamlining may also appear out of balance with other facial elements. To maintain an overall natural look, patients may want to consider such complementary procedures as a forehead lift or eyelid surgery. Fat injection can also restore volume to areas where fullness has diminished with age.

With the right plan of action, based upon a custom-designed approach, a face lift and related procedures can give you a whole new look without any obvious sign that you’ve had surgery at all!