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Breathe Easy and Find a Surgeon You Trust for Rhinoplasty in Toronto

The cycle of rain and sunshine throughout spring, summer, and fall prompts all sorts of growing things to blossom, bloom, and dry up, which is beautiful for the eyes, but not so great for the nose of an allergy sufferer. The flowering season tends to make people fairly nose-focused, though a recent article in the Toronto Sun noted that there may be more indoor sources of dust and irritants than you realize, making the problem a year-long issue. No matter what’s causing you to focus on your nose, however, and whether it’s clear and fine or stuffed and runny, you should like what you see.

If you don’t, you may be ready for a rhinoplasty. Toronto-area residents who want to alter the size or shape of their nose are likely aware that they have options (rhinoplasty is in the top five most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries in the world, and is the second-most popular such surgery for men, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). But the fact that it is so commonplace does not mean everyone who performs the surgery approaches it with the same degree of skill and attention.

At the Cosmetic Surgery Institute, rhinoplasty gets particular focus as the most individualized surgical procedure available. Not only must the results work for the nose itself, they must harmonize with the rest of a patient’s features. Anyone considering a rhinoplasty should select a doctor who has plenty of experience with the procedure and who can create a surgical plan that will result in a totally natural look.

You may not like how your nose feels when you can smell the season in the air, but you can like how your nose looks all year long.

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