Wishing for That Pre-Baby Body Back? | Dr. Wayne Carman

Wishing for That Pre-Baby Body Back?

Childbirth is an amazing experience, but many women see photos of themselves in their pre-baby days and long to get that more youthful silhouette back. Hormonal fluctuations, skin changes, and even physical trauma combine to radically alter the female body throughout a pregnancy and birth, and while healing and recuperation help, not everything ends up back the way it was in the days before the delivery: Breasts can shrink, tummies can bulge, and no amount of exercise can reverse these changes.

Women looking to reclaim their formerly tightened and toned selves can get help with everything from a breast lift (or augmentation) to a tummy tuck at Toronto’s Cosmetic Surgery Institute. Learn more about what’s available:

  • Pregnancy and nursing cause breasts to grow in volume, making them heavier and more likely to be pulled down by gravity. Skin and other tissues that grew to accommodate the extra gland and fatty tissue may stay overstretched, even long after breast feeding is over. A breast lift places drooping breasts higher on the chest, making them perky and youthful once again.
  • Similarly, a tummy tuck addresses skin and tissues that stretched out to make room for the growing baby, but that didn’t fully shrink back down after the delivery. Excess fat can remain in the belly area despite constant exercise and dieting and muscles can stretch making them thinner and weaker. Removing the loose skin and stubborn fat while tightening the muscle layer results in a flatter, sleeker stomach, with no overhanging skin.
  • Correcting the problems of both tummy and breasts at the same surgery is often referred to as a “Mommy Makeover”.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wayne Carman can answer any questions women have about breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction surgery at Toronto’s Cosmetic Surgery Institute. Call (416) 322-7108 or 1-888-451-1140 to learn more.