Consider liposuction for your face | Dr. Wayne Carman

Consider liposuction for your face

While a face lift may be the first procedure that comes to mind for patients who are considering improving their facial shape and appearance, I recommend that men and women alike who want to enhance their natural facial contours consider the possibility of facial liposuction.

A face lift is one option, but liposuction is a less-invasive, more conservative procedure. It is especially suited to patients whose skin is pliant and will more readily conform to the muscle and bone structure beneath after fat has been removed.

Facial liposuction is a procedure that targets the lower half of the face and primarily addresses two problems: jowls and double chins.

Jowls are heavy, sagging cheeks that may wobble and give a face a drooping, weighty appearance.

A double chin is actually an accumulation of fat at the neck that creates the appearance of another or multiple chins positioned below the actual chin. This effect can be more pronounced when a person looks down and compresses the fatty tissue there.

Facial liposuction can treat both of these areas. It is accomplished via a single tiny incision placed under the chin, and requires only a local anesthetic. Consider this in comparison to a face lift, which involves lengthy incisions and is a much more complex and costly procedure.

Not every patient is appropriate for facial liposuction, but those who are will find that they can often get results as pleasing as from a face lift, but with fewer scars, reduced bruising, and quicker recovery time.

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