The Many Uses of BOTOX® in Toronto | Dr. Wayne Carman

The Many Uses of BOTOX® in Toronto

BOTOX®, a Toronto favorite, is most famous for being an injectable cosmetic available by prescription, used by millions of people each year throughout Canada, North America, and the world. Many patients are interested to learn that the drug has a great many other applications, too, most of which are medical in nature.

The active ingredient in BOTOX®, botulinum toxin, is a neurotoxin that excels at preventing chemical signals from arriving at intended delivery points. This trait means it can keep a muscle from contracting or a gland from carrying out its intended function. When injected with precision and in the proper amounts, the effects are both highly beneficial and temporary, fading over time to allow for standard function to return.

In hyperhidrosis sufferers, for instance—who deal with overactive sweat glands in the armpit—BOTOX® can eliminate soaked shirts by temporarily stopping the underarm glands from receiving the command to produce the dreaded sweat. The effects of this injection last just a bit less than seven months.

Similarly, BOTOX® can bring relief to patients facing debilitating muscle spasticity or spasms that impact the proper function of their eyes, eyelids, upper limbs, or neck.

It has also proven to be a helpful tool for people dealing with an overactive bladder, and for those who live with the disruption and pain of chronic migraines.

Doctors are continuing to research and develop new uses for BOTOX®, which is proving to be a versatile treatment in a variety of fields.

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