Enhance a Facelift with BOTOX® in Toronto | Dr. Wayne Carman

Enhance a Facelift with BOTOX® in Toronto

Cosmetic surgical procedures and nonsurgical treatments may seem like opposites, but in fact are quite complementary. While some patients choose injectables because they are not ready for a more involved surgery, others want the long-lasting improvements that surgery offers. The truth is that each tactic offers unique benefits when properly planned.

Take, for instance, a facelift and BOTOX® Cosmetic. Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Wayne Carman makes both available at his practice, so he understands what they can do alone or together as part of a treatment plan.

The two cosmetic options are different. A facelift focuses upon the lower portion of the face – cheek, jawline and neck. It often involves fat removal, eliminating excess skin, and tightening deeper tissues to create a tighter, more defined jawline and neck.

BOTOX®, meanwhile, more often focuses upon the upper portion of the face, relaxing muscles in the forehead and to the side of either eye to prevent the contractions that cause pronounced crow’s feet and frown lines to appear.

The effects of a surgical facelift are immediate, and the improvements are permanent. BOTOX® injections offer skin-smoothing results that develop over days and last for months as facial muscles are kept in a relaxed state. The effect gradually wears off after which motion returns to the muscles and dynamic wrinkles begin to re-appear.

Though BOTOX® is administered by injections in a matter of minutes and a facelift is an extensive surgical procedure, the two can be used in tandem to give an overall rejuvenated look. The wrinkle-smoothing effects of injectable BOTOX® can help to smooth the upper face while a facelift has its main effect on the lower half.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wayne Carman can explain more about how BOTOX® can enhance a facelift at his Toronto practice. Call (416) 322-7108 or 1-888-451-1140, or visit www.drcarmanplasticsurgery.com.