How Do Fat Injections Compare to Fillers? | Dr. Wayne Carman

How Do Fat Injections Compare to Fillers?

Volume loss is a frequent contributor to visible signs of aging. Round, youthful contours can gradually give way to harsher, more angular planes as collagen and hyaluronic acid diminish in the skin and facial fat decreases and shifts. On the face, this loss can manifest as hollowness of the cheeks and thinning around the mouth and the lips. The contour changes can even lead to sagging that causes jowls to form. For patients in the Toronto area, plastic surgery is one solution.

Injectable dermal fillers have grown in popularity in recent years, with formulas based upon elements that occur naturally in the body. While the volume and other benefits they provide offer a temporary solution, Dr. Wayne Carman has found that better results come from injections of a patient’s own fat.

Fat injections involve a plastic surgeon removing fat from a donor area—typically a place where excess fat is available in some abundance, such as the hips or belly. If carefully extracted and processed, this fat is what Dr. Carman considers to be the ideal material for adding volume.

Once separated from other liquids and concentrated, the fat can be used for everything from restoring full cheeks to subtly giving lips a boost to modestly augmenting breasts.

After the injection process, the relocated fat needs a couple of months to settle into its new home in the body. Once it does, it can be expected to remain permanently —far longer than the months offered by many dermal fillers.

Dr. Carman prefers fat transfer to fillers at his Toronto plastic surgery practice because of the versatility and natural looking results of this technique. When fat is taken from a patient’s own body, it means there are no foreign materials, allergy concerns, or similar risks.

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