How to Get Natural-Looking BOTOX® Results | Dr. Wayne Carman

How to Get Natural-Looking BOTOX® Results

Even though they might look similar, not all wrinkles on your face are formed the same way. Many of the common wrinkles we know of, such as forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, are what are known as dynamic wrinkles or expression wrinkles. These lines and creases appear while your face is moving but aren’t visible when your face is at rest. The main cause of expression wrinkles is the constant contractions of underlying facial muscles that are attached to our facial skin during our repetitive facial expressions such as squinting, smiling, frowning, and raising our eyebrows. The smallest movement of these muscles causes the skin to be stretched or squeezed, like folding a sheet of paper, so eventually grooves begin to form on the surface of the skin on the areas where there is heavy muscle activity. The most effective way of targeting expression wrinkles, which are usually one of the first signs of aging, is with botulinum toxin type A injections like BOTOX®. Our Toronto-based practice knows that patients, especially those who are new to injectables are often worried about ending up with an overdone or “frozen” appearance.

Although it’s a common myth that injectables give you a strange appearance, this is rarely the case. The injections simply give your skin a more energized, softer look but won’t prevent you from having facial expressions. Moreover, most of the time BOTOX® produces subtle, believable results when administered by a knowledgeable injector, so patients don’t need to be intimidated. Here are some tips to get the most natural, pleasing results from BOTOX® while avoiding any undesirable outcomes.

  • Go to An Experienced Injector

To avoid bad BOTOX®, always do your research and go to an experienced, licensed physician. Talk to them about your goals and expectations. Make a BOTOX® plan with them.

  • Less is More

We take a conservative approach to injections, knowing that more isn’t always going to be better. When too much of it is used, this is what causes issues such as overarched or flattened eyebrows. Start slowly with BOTOX® and gradually have additional treatments if you need them.

For more information on BOTOX®, contact the Toronto-based practice of Dr. Wayne Carman. If you have any questions about this injectable procedure, call us today at (416) 322-7108 or schedule a consultation to find out whether you’re a good candidate for injectable wrinkle relaxers.