Body and Mind: Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery | Dr. Wayne Carman

Body and Mind: Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Although breast enhancement surgery in Toronto is commonplace, it is most certainly still a medical procedure. Any decision to surgically alter the body is a significant one. Dr. Wayne Carman advises that it should not take lightly. Before moving forward with any patient, he takes great steps to ensure she is physically and mentally a good candidate for the surgery.

Prior to any talk of surgical specifics, Dr. Carman establishes the emotional readiness and current state of health for each patient. Some women come into his practice with unrealistic expectations for what breast-enhancing surgery can do. It is not uncommon for someone to bring in a magazine or photo of a celebrity, point to her chest, and say, “I want that.” Simply put, not all changes are surgically possible for all bodies. A full-figured, 6-foot-tall actress’s large breasts, for example, would look hopelessly outsized on a skinny 5-foot-tall woman.

While Dr. Carman’s work is based on the foundation of helping people to achieve aesthetic goals, it is vitally important to ground all expectations in reality. This involves exploring a range of factors, from body proportions to overall health to reasons for choosing the surgery. If you think getting implants will solve all of your life problems, you should probably reassess your reasons for considering augmentation.

Only after Dr. Carman determines that breast augmentation is a suitable option for a patient will he begin the physical examination necessary for developing a specific surgical plan. Even this stage is made up of careful steps, with detailed discussions about implant type and placement, size, and more.

It is important to keep in mind that breasts exist in three dimensions. They are not viewed only from the front or side in photos taken solely from the chest up. Dr. Carman and you must consider how they will look bare and in snug tops, how they will change the look of the hips and other features, and even how they will age.

This may sound daunting, but trust Dr. Carman’s experience: Time spent getting everything as right as possible from the beginning of the process is certainly time well spent. Women who approach their augmentation surgery with a full grasp of what their likely results will be tend to be more satisfied with their outcome, both right after surgery and long into the future.

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