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Implants May Last A Lifetime

One of the most common plastic surgical procedures Dr. Wayne Carman performs is breast augmentation with implants. Toronto women who want to add volume to their breasts benefit from advances in implant technology with the devices being used today proving to be safer, longer lasting, and more customizable than the options available to previous generations of women. There are more implant designs available, which means that education regarding the pros and cons of various implant styles is more important than ever.

 Studies show that women who choose implants can reasonably expect their devices to last for many years. But for each year after the first 10, an implant has a 1 percent chance of rupturing. A leak would soon be obvious with saline implants, as they are filled with a sterile liquid that would lead to visible deflating as saline is absorbed from the device. A silicone rupture is more difficult to detect without specialized screening as the gel is not absorbed and breast volume does not decrease. A ruptured silicone gel implant may provoke a scar tissue reaction that hardens the breast and thereby leads to the diagnosis. The good news is that an implant rupture does not lead to any systemic health problems.

Any woman choosing breast augmentation should select an experienced plastic surgeon to handle the initial procedure, not only to minimize risk during and immediately after the surgery, but to remain a trusted resource for future years as mammograms and other screening tests are scheduled. Building a relationship with a surgeon will help a patient to get answers to questions as they arise, as well as having someone to deal with revisionary procedures that might some day become necessary.

Regular screening mammograms help medical professionals keep a lookout for breast pathology giving patients peace of mind as the years pass. The presence of implants does not prevent accurate mammograms from being performed.

Implants do not have to be removed after any specific time interval but for personal reasons, some patients may wish to have this done. If implants are removed after having been in place for many years, the breast returns to (an older version of) its former appearance. In some cases, additional procedures such as a breast lift may be considered to give the best final result.

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