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The Problem With Fat …

Too much body fat in the wrong areas is often the motivator behind a New Year’s resolution or a pre-summer swimsuit season diet. Anyone who has ever given up hamburgers for plates of lettuce and carrots knows that losing unwanted fat takes commitment and time—but not everyone realizes that even the most dedicated dieter may still have a problem with what might be called “stubborn” fat.

A prime target for liposuction surgery at Toronto’s Cosmetic Surgery Institute, “stubborn” fat is made up of cells that refuse to budge despite lifestyle alterations that include rigorous exercise and healthy eating, While many people describe slimming down as “losing fat,” the reality is that pushing that pizza away does not remove fat cells from the body. When people diet and exercise, their large fat cells grow smaller, which results in changes to their facial or body contours.

This is where the problem lies: Not all fat cells shrink at the same rate. Fat volume does not necessarily reduce evenly all over the body. One person may notice that a belly bulge goes away, while a double chin remains. Someone else may find that their upper body appears trim, but love handles still stick out on either side. Moreover, the fat cells that shrink during times of committed lifestyle change can grow larger again if proper diet and regular exercise are not properly maintained

The fact that fat reduction efforts do not specifically address problem areas prompts many people to consider liposuction, which—in contrast to diet and exercise—does remove fat cells from the body in specific target zones. With liposuction, fat cells are permanently removed, making it easier to maintain a sleek contour over the long term.

Liposuction can be used in most areas of the body, so the procedure can be tailored to specifically address those problem areas where “stubborn” fat lingers.

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