Liposuction Pairs Well with a Tummy Tuck | Dr. Wayne Carman

Liposuction Pairs Well with a Tummy Tuck

In a previous post about tummy tuck procedures, I mentioned liposuction as another method that Toronto residents may use to get rid of unwanted fat before having their abdominal skin and muscles tightened. That method deserves a little more exploration here.

Since an abdominoplasty isn’t a weight-loss procedure—though it does involve some fat removal—patients coming in for the surgery need to have their weight at a reasonably ideal level in relation to their height and body shape. Liposuction can be the solution to get tummy tuck candidates down to their ideal weight in preparation for the tummy tuck procedure, especially if a few stubborn pounds have become an insurmountable hurdle to reaching that goal.

The cannula used in a liposuction procedure is a very small, thin tube that can fit through a tiny incision less than a centimeter long. Since fat is soft and malleable, a lot of it can be removed safely and efficiently without damaging the nearby muscle or other tissue. It’s best to target specific body areas to achieve ideal results.

In some cases, patients may find that liposuction alone is sufficient to give them the body they’re hoping for, especially if the fat removal reveals the desired contour beneath. For others, liposuction can also uncover weakened and loose abdominal muscles, which no amount of weight loss alone can remedy. For these patients, a tummy tuck then becomes the next part of the plan.

I have a long experience in performing both liposuction and tummy tuck procedures and have found that the two procedures complement each other well. The surgical plan that best suits each individual is something that we determine at the consultation visit where all options are explored and specific details reviewed.