Lip Enhancement Has Come a Long Way | Dr. Wayne Carman

Lip Enhancement Has Come a Long Way

A common question when it comes to such procedures as lip enhancement involves longevity. How long will the results from this treatment last?

While some injection techniques provide temporary improvement and require regular maintenance or repeat visits in order to preserve the desired look, I’m happy to report that my approach to lip enhancement yields permanent results.

The lip enhancement procedure I recommend involves microfat injections using your own body fat—usually taken from tummy or hips. The fat is centrifuged to concentrate it and remove unneeded fluids. It is then strategically inserted it into your lips, to give them a natural, fuller, rounded look.

Fat injection procedures practiced in the past tended to produce more unpredictable results, because a person’s body would reabsorb the injected fat over time. This could create an uneven look and the eventual disappearance of any change.

The procedure I use involves removing fat via liposuction, then spinning it in a centrifuge, which isolates the living fat and concentrates the naturally occurring stem cells. When it’s time to inject the fat for a lip enhancement, I do so in small increments as advised by Dr. Sydney Coleman of New York , who pioneered the modern approach to fat injection. The extreme care we use in manipulating the fat cells ensures that the introduced fat is healthy and gains access to a new blood supply. This is the single most important detail ensuring that the injected fat lives in its new location, giving a permanent result.

The best part of this story is that because it’s your own fat, your body will not treat it as a foreign substance and try to reject it, nor is there any risk of an allergic reaction. It is the most ideal filler that we have for adding volume and enhancing lip contour giving a soft, natural, long lasting result.