Post-Surgical Care Matters | Dr. Wayne Carman

Post-Surgical Care Matters

When Dr. Wayne Carman finishes a procedure, such as an abdominoplasty, it is not the end of the patient’s plastic surgery journey. In fact, it could be considered a beginning. After the last suture is placed for tummy tuck surgery at Toronto’s Cosmetic Surgery Institute, the patient steps into a more active role in ensuring ideal results.

“Active” is, of course, used loosely here, since a tummy tuck patient’s primary job after surgery is to rest. Dr. Carman keeps abdominoplasty patients overnight for observation by his private nursing staff, as well as a personal check the next morning.

Rest should continue at home in the following days. More time spent devoted to recuperation shortly after the procedure means less time overall spent on recovery. A return to activity should be gradual, with slight increases each day.

Dr. Carman welcomes his tummy tuck patients back for weekly check ups. The frequent meetings with the plastic surgeon allow him to further advise each individual on post-procedural activities tailored to their unique situations. These regularly scheduled check ins become more spaced out after about six to eight weeks, at which point recovery from the surgery is considered complete—though there are still factors to monitor. If the ongoing development of scars seems to be resulting in particularly visible marks, for instance, this can be addressed before too much time has passed. These continued check ins also give Dr. Carman the opportunity to see how the tummy tuck results resolve in relation to the rest of the body. As other features change with the passing of time, he may suggest complementary procedures so that patients can maintain proportional body contours overall.

The six- to eight-week mark also represents the time when tummy tuck patients can expect to make a full return to common, everyday activities—even strenuous ones. While care should always be taken to not put undue stress on areas that have recently undergone surgery, two months is a reasonable window for healing.

Throughout this entire post-surgical time, patients should continue to eat well, stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, avoid tobacco products, and get as much gentle physical activity as is allowed based on their recovery. A healthy body will be your greatest ally in maximizing your abdominoplasty results.

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