Wrinkles Defined: Not All Lines Are the Same | Dr. Wayne Carman

Wrinkles Defined: Not All Lines Are the Same

When it comes to smoothing facial wrinkles, many people start their search for an ideal solution with BOTOX® treatments. Toronto’s Dr. Wayne Carman regularly hears from women and men interested in the globally popular injectable. He explains that while the neuromodulator is ideal for relaxing the muscles responsible for some wrinkles, not all lines can be treated the same way—because not all lines form the same way.

Known as “rhytides,” wrinkles typically appear as a person ages due to the predictable loss of key chemicals in the skin, but the mechanics behind specific types of wrinkles vary.

Broadly, wrinkles are divided into two categories: dynamic and static.

Dynamic wrinkles owe their existence to repetitive muscle movements, which etch lines deeper and deeper into skin that grows increasingly unable to “bounce back” after being pulled into expressions. Examples of these dynamic wrinkles include crow’s feet that form due to squinting and frown lines that appear after decades of scowling.

Static wrinkles are not directly linked to muscle contractions. These lines may be fine or dramatic, appearing due to aging-related volume loss, damage from ultraviolet radiation, lifestyle choices, pollutants, exposure to the elements, and more.

More significant creases known as gravitational folds develop due to the steady pull of gravity, which exerts force on tissues that gradually lose their ability to remain firm and taut. Fat and skin can droop and sag, creating a deflated look in the midface and jowls and creases lower down.

Fat injection can restore contour to areas of the face where collagen and volume loss have led to visible changes. More pronounced changes may require a surgical procedure, such as a facelift. Procedures such as this improve both contour and surface creases by tightening the skin. Often a tightening procedure is combined with volume restoration to achieve optimum results. Determining which techniques would work best for a given problem is something to discuss at your plastic surgery consultation.

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