Rhinoplasty and Sports—An Odd Combination? | Dr. Wayne Carman

Rhinoplasty and Sports—An Odd Combination?

The World Cup has been a popular event this summer, but what does rhinoplasty have to do with soccer? Generally not too much, unless a player takes a header full on and ends up with a facial injury. Our noses were not designed to stop a soccer ball travelling at 80 mph! Correcting the damage from such a mishap is one indication for rhinoplasty surgery.

Summer is a time for sports of all kinds, but with an increase in physical activity comes an increase in potential injuries—for world-class footballers and amateur athletes alike. Many mishaps on the field require only that the sufferer shake it off and walk away to keep playing. But some injuries may require medical attention. Nasal injuries are very common with contact sports and can lead to significant breathing problems as well as cosmetic deformities.

There are many reasons a person may want to reshape their nose with a rhinoplasty, including genetics, injury, and even prior surgery. The goal in a rhinoplasty is often twofold: to give the nose a more symmetric, proportionate shape and to correct any obstructions or problem areas in the breathing passage.

A rhinoplasty can correct the overall size of a patient’s nose, the width and position of the bridge, the nose’s contour and profile, the size of the nostrils, the shape and angle of the end of the nose, and deviation from the midline of the face.

During a consultation visit, patients will describe the kind of change they are seeking and together we will determine the best way of achieving that look.

There are a number of different rhinoplasty methods—ranging from small incisions within the nose to a more complex approach that separates the skin from the underlying cartilage and bone. During the assessment visit, the pros and cons of various surgical methods are discussed, and an ideal plan is developed for each individual patient.

Whether you sacrificed your face in order to block a game-changing goal or simply want to make a change to what you were born with, a rhinoplasty is a proven means of getting the nose you want.