Upper Vs. Lower Eyelid Surgery | Dr. Wayne Carman

Upper Vs. Lower Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Wayne Carman has discussed blepharoplasty in general before on this blog, but there are a few finer points to consider when it comes to upper versus lower eyelid surgery. Toronto women and men who choose a blepharoplasty procedure may be seeking to address sagging on the top, puffiness on the bottom, or both for an overall look of rejuvenation.

Upper eyelid surgery focuses upon problems with skin that has lost its elasticity. Laxity can cause a perennial look of tiredness or convey negative expressions such as anger or sadness. If severe enough, it can even impinge upon a person’s field of vision.

The point of upper lid blepharoplasty is to tighten this area, restoring a more naturally alert look. To do this, Dr. Carman hides the incisions in the folds of the upper eyelids, using this approach to access the internal structures and remove tissue as well as reposition muscle as necessary.

Lower eyelid surgery addresses a similar problem, but with different consequences. As lower lid tissue grows lax, it also sags—but whereas upper lids hang down to increasingly obscure the eyes, lower lids pull away to expose the underside of the eye. Also, fat pouches beneath the eye can become pronounced, creating puffy bags that contribute to a tired, aging appearance.

A lower lid blepharoplasty also involves removing tissue—including excess skin and fat—and tightening the area to give it a firmer, more contoured look. The incision for this procedure is typically made on the inside of the lid or just under the lash line to avoid leaving any visible scars.

Patients seeking improvement may choose to deal with the upper lids, the lower lids, or both at the same time.

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