Implant Size is Not Cup Size | Dr. Wayne Carman

Implant Size is Not Cup Size

There are a lot of numbers that women need to know in relation to their breasts, with one of the most important being bra size. Determining the right size is key to getting proper support and a comfortable fit that looks and feels good. Some women who choose to get breast augmentation believe they can choose a larger bra size and use that number to determine the size of their breast implants. Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Wayne Carman explains that the two numbers are not the same—and the best way to determine ideal implant size is to work with a plastic surgeon who is experienced in breast augmentation surgery and who has a history of satisfied patients enjoying natural results.

Bra size is actually determined by a formula that involves a woman’s bust size (the measurement taken around the entire body, including the fullest part of the breasts, but not the arms) minus her band size (the measurement taken around the body and across the ribcage, just under the bust). The resulting number can be used to reference a chart of bra sizes, which start with AA at the smaller end and work their way up through the alphabet.

The problem is that just about every manufacturer sizes its bras a little differently, leading to differences across the board. A woman may find that one size fits her well in one brand, but is too tight or loose in another brand.

Breast implants, however, are sized by volume, measured in cubic centimeters. Implant volume is a far more important number for accurate implant sizing, as it only indirectly relates to cup or bra size. Breast implants are also sized by diameter, which should be roughly the same size as or slightly smaller than the width of the breast.

This may sound like a lot of math and figures to understand, but this is what a consultation and pre-operative meetings are for. Dr. Carman works closely with all of his patients to help them understand exactly how implants are sized and to work with him in determining the ideal implant for each unique situation.

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