Botox® is at a Significant Milestone | Dr. Wayne Carman

Botox® is at a Significant Milestone

The prescription drug Botox® Cosmetic is a popular choice for patients around Canada and the world. While Health Canada regulations prohibit a detailed list of its uses here, the drug’s prevalence and prominence—as well as your reading about it on my Cosmetic Surgery Institute website—ensure that its benefits and properties are widely known in Toronto.

Allergan, manufacturer of Botox®, first received approval for the drug from the FDA in 1989. This year, 2014, marks 25 years of Botox® use—its silver anniversary. After its arrival on the cosmetic scene, it has since been found to be effective for a dozen or so additional uses, making it difficult to miss in national headlines and medical reports.

I have been using Botox® Cosmetic for more than 20 years. I personally administer it to each patient who comes to my practice seeking its benefits. My individualized approach ensures ideal results for each unique indication. I begin with a thorough consultation, at which I go over information at a level of detail impossible to cover here. I answer questions and walk prospective patients through what they can expect from making the choice to use Botox® Cosmetic.

The visits at which the Botox® is actually administered are typically quick and efficient. Many patients who choose to enjoy its effects find themselves booking a visit on their lunch break or on their way home from work. One of the best things is the quick return to one’s regular day. There is really no scheduled downtime. Within three to five days, the effects are visible, and the benefits last for months.

To learn more about what Botox® can do for you, call my Toronto office at (416) 322-7108.