Is Preventative BOTOX® Worth It? | Dr. Wayne Carman

Is Preventative BOTOX® Worth It?

Do preventative BOTOX® injections reduce wrinkles? Our Toronto team knows that BOTOX® is a household name in the world of cosmetic procedures, renowned for its ability to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines–but many patients may not realize that BOTOX® can also be used as a preventative measure to stave off the formation of wrinkles in the first place. It’s perfectly normal to develop wrinkles on areas such as the forehead and around the eyes as we age but there’s also nothing wrong with choosing to soften these wrinkles for a more refreshed appearance.

BOTOX® is an injectable prescription medication containing botulinum toxin, which is a substance produced from a specific type of bacteria. Small, weak doses of this product help to reduce facial wrinkles. Many of our wrinkles are linked to habitual or repetitive facial expressions involved in showing different emotions. Botulinum toxin is injected directly into certain facial muscles, and it blocks the nerve signals that cause the muscle contractions, so unwanted wrinkles are minimized. Preventative BOTOX® is gaining popularity as a proactive approach to aging gracefully. In this post, we’ll delve into how preventative BOTOX® works to keep wrinkles at bay.

In most cases, people have botulinum toxin injections to treat wrinkles that have already become pronounced and noticeable. Unlike traditional BOTOX®, preventative BOTOX® injections are used to prevent wrinkles from deepening or occurring in the first place, rather than in a corrective way to reduce lines or wrinkles that have already become deeply etched in. If you have noticed certain areas where wrinkles are likely to form but deep creases haven’t formed as yet, preventative BOTOX® could be helpful. It can often be more effective and less expensive to be proactive than it is to try to remove more deeply etched in wrinkles in the future.

Preventative BOTOX® can prevent wrinkles from forming as quickly or potentially, at all but it might not be suitable for everyone. The best candidates for preventative BOTOX® are those with very expressive faces or strong, overactive muscles of facial expression that tend to form more wrinkles at an earlier age and those with thinner, finer skin. The main benefit is that you will age with fewer lines and wrinkles.

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