What Does “Drop and Fluff” Mean for Breast Augmentation? | Dr. Wayne Carman

What Does “Drop and Fluff” Mean for Breast Augmentation?

How do you know when implants drop and fluff? Our Toronto team often gets asked this question by patients who are having breast augmentation. Sometimes they may have heard the term before but are unsure about what it means. Patients may notice that their breast implants seem to be higher, squarer or flatter than they would like them to be or that they feel overly firm – or even that the upper half of the breasts seem too full directly after they have had cosmetic surgery, but these side effects are caused by tight skin and muscle. There’s no need to panic if you’re not seeing the outcome, you want right away as it’s completely normal for this to occur and it’s usually only temporary. Sometimes breast implants appear to be unnaturally high or the wrong shape right after you have the procedure as they can take some time to settle into place, so it will be a while before you see the final results. The step which patients often refer to as “dropping and fluffing” refers to a natural process breast implants go through after a patient has breast augmentation.

The “drop” part for breast augmentation refers to the process of implants gradually moving down then finally settling into their natural position as you continue to heal. Gravity pulls down on the implants while the tissue around them becomes more stretched out as tight muscles relax, and inflammation goes down. At the same time this is happening, implants will also eventually “fluff” or fill out the lower areas of the breasts below the nipples in a more natural or rounder shape. This means that even if your implants seem overly high or square on the chest at first, you can expect them to eventually be in just the right position and shape. It’s important to remember that the timeline for drop and fluff varies. Each patient’s experience is different, depending on how quickly their body heals from the surgery along with the size and texture of their implants but it generally occurs over the course of three to six weeks following the procedure.

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