BOTOX®: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Though it’s now a globally popular household name, that has not always been the case for BOTOX® Cosmetic. Toronto area cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Wayne Carman has watched over the years as the injectable first arrived on the market, was treated by the media as a curiosity, then surged forward in popularity to become the […]

Upper Vs. Lower Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Wayne Carman has discussed blepharoplasty in general before on this blog, but there are a few finer points to consider when it comes to upper versus lower eyelid surgery. Toronto women and men who choose a blepharoplasty procedure may be seeking to address sagging on the top, puffiness on the bottom, or both for […]

Implant Size is Not Cup Size

There are a lot of numbers that women need to know in relation to their breasts, with one of the most important being bra size. Determining the right size is key to getting proper support and a comfortable fit that looks and feels good. Some women who choose to get breast augmentation believe they can […]

How Do Fat Injections Compare to Fillers?

Volume loss is a frequent contributor to visible signs of aging. Round, youthful contours can gradually give way to harsher, more angular planes as collagen and hyaluronic acid diminish in the skin and facial fat decreases and shifts. On the face, this loss can manifest as hollowness of the cheeks and thinning around the mouth […]

Enhance a Facelift with BOTOX® in Toronto

Cosmetic surgical procedures and nonsurgical treatments may seem like opposites, but in fact are quite complementary. While some patients choose injectables because they are not ready for a more involved surgery, others want the long-lasting improvements that surgery offers. The truth is that each tactic offers unique benefits when properly planned. Take, for instance, a […]