What Causes Dynamic Wrinkles and How Can You Reduce Them?

Searching for treatments to rejuvenate your skin after summer? BOTOX® from our Toronto-based practice is ideal for softening those wrinkles that are associated with squinting and wriggling your forehead in the bright sunlight during the hottest months. You may be surprised to learn that facial wrinkles aren’t only caused by aging. Although we associate wrinkles with aging and it’s true that many wrinkles are mainly caused by the decline in collagen production as we age, lots of wrinkles on the face are actually caused by the repetitive muscle contractions involved in facial expressions and movements each day.

These are what are known as dynamic wrinkles or expression wrinkles. They are only seen when the face is moving. Some examples include frown lines – vertical lines or “eleven’s” that develop between the brows, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet that branch out from the corners of the eyes. The repeated action of the skin being stretched and folded eventually causes lines to appear in certain areas. It’s common for dynamic wrinkles to appear for the first time during one’s twenties and thirties – they are usually the earliest visible effects of aging to show. Although skin products for reducing wrinkles can expensive, there are steps you can take to avoid them that are completely free. Here are some wrinkle causing habits that you should avoid if you want to preserve youthful skin.

  • Squinting in Sunlight or While Reading

Don’t forget to wear sunglasses if you’re going outside to help you to reduce the need to squint. Wear eyeglasses if you’re squinting while reading or check your prescription if you need to. During squinting, your skin cells are being squeezed thousands of times.

  • Drinking Out of Straws or Water Bottles

When you’re drinking out of a straw or bottle, there’s a movement around the mouth that can encourage collagen and elastin to break down at a faster rate, leading to wrinkles.

  • Exaggerated Facial Movements

Be conscious of your facial posture. Avoid exaggerated expressions while exercising or taking photos.

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Written by Wayne Carman

Dr. Carman is a Toronto Plastic Surgeon practicing breast, body and facial cosmetic surgery.