What Can You Do to Address Thinning Lips? | Dr. Wayne Carman

What Can You Do to Address Thinning Lips?

Undoubtably, our faces change as we get older in a variety of ways. Wrinkles are one of the more obvious changes, along with volume loss in the cheeks and around the eyes but don’t forget that your lips, as well as the surrounding skin, may also be affected by this process. As we age, our lips may become thinner because of the loss of collagen and the breakdown of fat pads. Full, supple lips have been considered desirable for women for decades as they symbolize youth and femininity. The best lip augmentation procedure for you depends on your unique goals as well as the natural shape and size of your lips. If you are hoping to get more luscious lips but aren’t sure which cosmetic technique is best suited for you, lip enhancement from our Toronto-based office, also known as autologous fat transfer or fat injections, is one way of regaining fullness.

Lip enhancement at our office consists of microfat injections and is a natural-looking solution to restoring volume to this area of the face that involves using the patient’s own tissue. The fat is taken from the abdomen or hips, purified, and transferred to the lips. Although they won’t prevent the face from continuing to be subjected to the effects of aging and gravity, results from microfat injections will likely last forever, which is one of their advantages over other temporary cosmetic treatments for the lips. Due to modern advances in fat transfer techniques, the results are longer lasting than ever before. Since the fat is taken from the patient’s own body in this very natural treatment, there won’t be a risk of adverse reactions or allergies. You’ll notice significantly poutier lips right away after microfat injections at our office.

In addition to lip enhancement, you can also use other at home techniques to maintain a volumized appearance for your lips. Just like the rest of your skin, lips need conditioners and moisturizers, so apply lip balm regularly. Staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and wearing lip products that contain SPF can also help you to preserve youthful lips.

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