What Are the Advantages of Microfat Injections for Breast Enhancement?

Traditionally, breast augmentation surgery was the only method of enhancing the bust but now, thanks to advances in technology, fat grafting has become an increasingly popular method of improving this area. Microfat injections from our Toronto-based practice can help you to enhance the size and shape of your breasts as an alternative to traditional breast implants. Not sure whether you would be a good candidate for microfat injections for the breasts? Continue reading for some of the advantages associated with this procedure.

Before delving into the benefits of microfat injections, it’s first necessary to understand why breast augmentation is such a sought-after procedure. For decades, women have searched for ways to enhance their natural curves in various ways. Ever since the time of 1950s Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, having a voluptuous figure with full breasts has been viewed as a desirable look. Even though trends for breast enhancement have changed throughout the years, breast augmentation has continued to be one of the top-ranking surgeries with one of the highest satisfaction rates. Women who naturally have smaller breasts sometimes feel less feminine or
attractive, while others may want to restore their breasts to their former appearance after they have changed due to weight loss or pregnancy.

  • It’s More Natural Than Implants

While implants do have many of their own benefits, patients seeking out a more natural treatment might prefer microfat injections. They don’t involve saline or silicone implants and since the fat is taken from the patient’s own body, there is a reduced risk of rejection and scarring. The procedure is open to a larger selection of candidates.

  • Enhanced Overall Body Proportions

This procedure is useful for patients who want to reduce excess fat on other body areas while enhancing the breasts at the same time.

  • The Results Are Permanent

Implants are long-lasting devices but there’s always a chance that they’ll need to be replaced, especially as they get older. Microfat injections provide longer-lasting results.

  • Better Customization

Implants offer limited options for shaping while fat grafting allows the surgeon to create a unique and fully personalized look for each patient.

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Written by Wayne Carman

Dr. Carman is a Toronto Plastic Surgeon practicing breast, body and facial cosmetic surgery.